We’re making a documentary film for television:

‘The Rosenwald Connection’

It’s the incredible, improbable story of Rosenwald Schools.

In the early 20th century, a collaboration between Booker T. Washington, the famous African American educator, and Julius Rosenwald, a Jewish businessman and philanthropist, led to the construction of nearly 5,000 schools for black children in the rural South.


Why? Because there weren’t any, to speak of.

Rosenwald Schools made education possible for hundreds of thousands of black children in the Jim Crow era.


Rosenwald Schools changed America for the better. And our nation still reaps the benefits today.

Can you spot the Rosenwald alumnus in this photo?

(You’ll see him again in our preview video, a little lower on this page).

‘The Rosenwald Connection,’ a one-hour television documentary, is in production now.


Read more about Rosenwald Schools in North Carolina, which had more than any other state.


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Promotional Preview for ‘The Rosenwald Connection’

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